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Atlanta-area car wreck kills one, injures many

No matter where in the Atlanta area you drive, whether on small surface streets or divided Interstate highways, the danger of a car accident always looms. While defensive driving tactics and using caution behind the wheel may increase your chances of arriving safely at your destination, there are times when accidents are unavoidable. Unfortunately, sometimes those crashes cause terrible injuries and fatalities.

One such incident occurred recently in nearby Gwinnett County. While it is unclear exactly what circumstances led to the accident, the consequences are all too obvious. In the event, a car on Georgia State Route 316 ended up wedged underneath a tractor-trailer. By the time emergency crews arrived, the car was burning, and its occupant was pronounced dead at the scene. Further, eight vehicles total were involved in the wreck in one way or another. This led to nine individuals being transported to area hospitals, where two were in critical condition.

Atlanta truck drivers are professionals and treated as such

Imagine a huge tractor-trailer bearing down on you in your rear-view mirror. You look to your left and right, but you are blocked in by other vehicles. Relentlessly, the truck keeps coming, and you realize you are about to be hit by a ton of metal and fuel traveling at a high rate of speed. While this is a hypothetical situation, it is all too real for many Atlanta drivers. Due to the city's central location and the convergence of a few interstate highways, Atlanta drivers experience a high volume of commercial vehicle traffic.

These tractor-trailers can be very dangerous, even if they are not carrying goods considered hazardous. Due to their size and weight, they have generally reduced handling characteristics, and because of the laws of physics, when they hit something, they can do a catastrophic amount of damage. It is an unfortunate fact that many Georgia drivers have suffered serious injuries after being involved in a tractor-trailer accident with a negligent driver.

Semitrucks: The most dangerous vehicles on the road

In a perfect world, everyone would be driving in a small compact car equipped with modern safety equipment and safety features. These features might include airbags, automatic braking systems, high-quality seatbelts, collapsing steering wheels and specially designed steel frames that protect vehicle occupants in the event of a crash.

However, we don't live in a perfect world. Perhaps you were driving or riding in a compact vehicle and you needed to share the roadway with a large commercial semitruck. That semitruck poses a serious and potentially fatal danger to you and anyone else riding in your standard sized car. If the semitruck hit you, it's likely that you and the other occupants of your car suffered catastrophic injuries.

What is the difference between an invitee and licensee?

A few weeks ago, this blog laid out some of the basic common law concepts that underpin premises liability law. While those concepts remain good background on the subject, in Georgia, there are statutory considerations that may modify some of the ideas that are normally used in this area of law. One of those facets that Georgia's statutory framework modifies is the definitions of, and legal duties land owners owe to, invitees and licensees.

Readers may remember that the category of 'invitee' is probably the most common one for a visitor to a piece of land or premises to fall into. It encompasses those with an explicit invitation, but also those who have been invited implicitly. An implicit invitation is generally assumed when, for example, a business is open to the public, and it accepts customers who come in at their own convenience. In these circumstances, an Atlanta property owner must exercise what the law calls 'ordinary care' in ensuring that the premises and the approaches thereto, such as a parking lot, are maintained safely.

Man charged with DUI after car accident

Driving after drinking is a terrible idea for any Atlanta driver. Drunk drivers kill thousands of people each year in crashes that never needed to happen. Car wrecks caused by drunk drivers are completely preventable; those who are arrested should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

A man has been charged in a DUI crash that occurred recently near Lockheed Elementary school in Cobb. The man was driving when he lost control of his car on a curve and flipped it on an embankment. Two passengers of the car were injured, including one who suffered life-threatening injuries. The driver has been arrested on suspicion of DUI, driving too fast and failure to maintain a lane.

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident?

Slip-and-fall accidents in Atlanta are totally unexpected events for a customer. No one expects to slip on something in the grocery store, mall or parking lot while they are out shopping. These accidents are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries and deaths. Our law firm focuses on premises liability cases and helping customers who were unexpectedly injured.

An owner or occupier of land in Georgia who invites or leads someone onto their property for lawful purposes may be liable if something happens to the person and if they have failed to maintain their property. If there are unsafe or hazardous conditions present that a landlord knows about but does nothing about, a person may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit if they are injured.

Bus accident in Fulton County kills two teens

When parents send their children on the school bus each morning, they assume they will be safely transported to school and back home at the end of the day. Most of the time this is the case for Atlanta kids, but occasionally a serious bus accident occurs. A car wreck can lead to unexpected injuries and heartache for families.

A serious bus accident recently occurred in Fulton County that tragically killed two teens who were on the way to the dentist. The two brothers were traveling together when a school bus failed to yield and hit their car. The bus driver has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and failure to yield.

Did your surgeon leave you with a 'surgical souvenir'?

If you visit "La Tour Eiffel" in Paris, you might come home with a nifty key chain, or a miniature brass replica of the iconic tower to put on the desk of your office. Most holiday vacationers want to come back from their amazing travel experience with a souvenir.

The story is quite different, however, if you're getting a surgery. The term "surgical souvenir" is the way many surgeons refer to items that they accidentally sewed up inside you while you were on the operating table, but having a "souvenir" of your surgery is the last thing anybody wants to go home with.

Large number of truck drivers in Georgia have suspended licenses

Atlanta residents know how busy our roads are. Traffic congestion in Atlanta is at an all-time high and drivers have to battle car accidents, traffic jams and other hazards almost daily. Trucks are a major player on the roadways and a tractor-trailer accident can have serious consequences. A recent report investigates truck drivers and uncovers some alarming statistics.

A news investigation has revealed that thousands of truckers who are on Georgia roads are driving with suspended licenses. Between 2013 and 2016, the Georgia State Patrol cited over 2,400 truck drivers for driving with a suspended commercial driver's license. There were also over 1,500 truck drivers who didn't have a commercial driver's license. Of course, these are only the drivers who actually got caught by the state patrol and does not include local police departments or sheriff's offices. It can be assumed that there may be many more drivers out there driving on suspended licenses.

Don't navigate the aftermath of a truck accident alone

Whether for work or pleasure, millions of Americans venture out onto the open roads every single day. Most of the time, these trips are completed without incident. Unfortunately, there are several dangers on the road that can result in tragedy. Trucks and tractor-trailers are massive machines on the road and when things go wrong, an accident involving these vehicles can be devastating.

There are many elements that can be present in the case of a truck accident, but the main goal of any investigation is to sift through the details and determine exactly why the incident occurred. An obvious reason may be that the driver of the truck made a costly error, leading to the accident. However, there are also less-immediate factors to consider as well. Was the truck driver driving too long at the behest of the trucking company? Was the tractor-trailer not properly maintained, leading to brake failure or other mechanical issues? Truck accidents may be similar to car accidents (and have similar extremely unfortunately consequences), but the trucking industry has many rules and regulations. Having experienced assistance in these situations can make all the difference.

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