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Main causes of tractor-trailer accidents in Georgia

It is common to see tractor-trailers on Georgia roads. They are important for both transporting goods in and out of the state and for the drivers themselves who make their living driving the trucks. These large trucks can also be very dangerous if they are not driven properly and cause tractor-trailer accidents. They are so much larger than most other vehicles on the road and cause significant damage and catastrophic injuries when they strike these smaller vehicles.

Therefore, truck drivers and trucking companies are held to high standards for both personal conduct and ensuring the trucks are operating correctly. However, like with other industries, people make mistakes and accidents occur.

Teen drivers present more of a danger on Georgia roads

It takes time and practice for people in Georgia to improve their ability to perform certain tasks. Most people are not just able to pick something up for the first time and master it. This is true for driving just like any other tasks. There are many things that can arise on the roads and it takes time to know how to handle them. Add this fact to the fact that teenagers are generally more easily distracted and it is not a surprise that teen drivers are much more likely to cause car wrecks.

Drivers between the ages of 16-19 have been found to cause three times more accidents in relation to miles driven then drivers 20 and over. Male teen drivers also tend to be more dangerous than female teen drivers. There are many factors that lead to this. They tend to underestimate dangerous situations or fail to recognize them in time. They also tend to drive faster and often times do not leave enough space in between them and the car ahead of them. They also tend to be more distracted by passengers in the car especially when the passengers are their peers.

MARTA bus fails to yield and injures motorcyclist

There are reasons for the various traffic laws in Georgia. Many may seem tedious or pointless, but they are in place to keep drivers safe. People may be able to get away with breaking them from time to time, like rolling through a stop sign or running a red light, but these drivers are taking big risks. These risks can turn into needless car accidents and people suffer significant injuries as a result.

Recently the bus driver of a MARTA bus failed to yield and struck a motorcyclist as a result. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries which included a broken leg. The injuries are believed to be non-life threating, but they will still be an issue for the motorcyclist. The bus driver was ticketed for failure to yield as a result of his actions.

Did your slip-and-fall accident happen like this?

Slip-and-fall accidents that happen indoors may lead to a personal injury claim for financial restitution in court. These incidents often happen as a result of problems relating to floors, stairs, carpets and cleanliness.

Ultimately, each of these cases is different -- and must rely on its own set of unique facts -- but let's take a look at the most common causes for an indoor slip-and-fall event. Did an accident like one of the examples described below happen to you?

Special rules for property owners to keep children safe

Most people who have children in Georgia know that they are curious and can get into many things. They tend to learn by experiences, both good and bad. Until something bad happens to them, many times children do not fully understand the potential dangers and can get badly injured as a result. Parents will not be able prevent all bad things from happening to their children, but they should try to keep an eye on them and try to put in certain safety measures to protect them against dangerous situations.

This duty extends beyond parents as well. Property owners also have special responsibilities to keep children safe from various objects on their property. Generally a property owner only owes trespassers or licensees a duty to refrain from causing willful or wanton harm. However, they have a duty to protect children from being able to access potentially dangerous items on a property regardless of their intent.

Georgia trucking company cited for safety violations

There are many trucks on the roads and for the most part, they are driven safely. Being driven safely includes much more than just driving the speed limit and signaling their turns. Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to follow a large number of safety regulations to legally operate. These regulations cover how long truck drivers can drive each day, prohibition against all alcohol use, requirements for safety inspections of the truck each day and many others.

A Georgia trucking company was recently investigated and ordered to cease all operations due to many safety violations. The investigation occurred after the co-owner of the company caused a fatal tractor-trailer accident in Virginia.

Texting and driving laws in Tennessee

Most people in Tennessee probably have a smart phone at this time. They can allow people to be much more productive by having the ability to communicate in a variety of ways as well as view important documents needed for work. Due to this, many people also feel the need to stay connected at all times and communicate with others at all times. One popular way of doing this is by texting.

This can be an easy way of communicating in a variety of different settings. However, it can also be a dangerous one if the person is driving a car. In order to text people need to take their eyes off the road and look at their phone. While it may not seem like a very long time, even taking one's eyes off the road for a couple seconds can lead to car wrecks.

Truck driver from Atlanta arrested for causing fatal accident

Tractor-trailers are used every day to transport various goods to places in Georgia or through Georgia to its ultimate destination in another state. These trucks are very important not only to commerce, but also for the truck drivers who earn their income driving the trucks. These drivers can be paid in a variety of ways though and some are paid based on how many deliveries they can make in a specified time. Unfortunately, that means that the drivers will push the limits in order to make more money.

According the police this is exactly what a truck driver from Georgia did when he caused a fatal tractor-trailer accident in California. The driver had fallen asleep in the driver seat and had the truck in park. The problem was that he was parked on a highway. A bus full of passengers then crashed into the parked truck killing 13 people and injuring many others. The police believe that the driver had violated the federal rules for hours of service and sleep. They also believe he changed his daily logs to reflect that he was actually in compliance when in reality he was not.

Obtaining compensation for victims of bus crashes

Georgians have been using busses to get to various locations for a long time now. They can be a very efficient and relatively inexpensive way to get many people to where they need to go. This is true for both public transportation and private bus companies who may make longer trips, such as Greyhound. While using busses can be very efficient, the other vehicles on the road can suffer major damages when busses are in commercial vehicle accidents.

Busses are clearly much larger than most of the other vehicles on the road. So, when busses strike them, the smaller vehicles usually suffer the worse of the accident. The victims of these accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries as well, which can completely change their lives and the lives of their families. The victims may never be able to do certain activities again and may not able to work again. They most likely will also have surgeries and go through rehabilitation for a long period of time.

Steps to take after a slip and fall accident in a restaurant

There are many restaurants in Georgia and people go to them every day. The main reason most go to restaurants is to eat food, but they are also great places for socializing with friends and family. The last thing on most people's minds when they are in a restaurant is whether they will be safe while they are there. People assume they will go in eat their food, enjoy the company of others and go on to their next destination.

This is not always the case though; some people end up suffering injuries in the restaurant due to the negligence of the owner and employees of the restaurant. Just like any other business owner, restaurant owners have a duty to keep their restaurants free of dangerous conditions, which could lead to injuries. This means they must make sure there are no liquids or food on the floor which people could cause a slip and fall accident as well as make sure that there are no boxes or other objects that people could trip over.

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