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MARTA bus fails to yield and injures motorcyclist

There are reasons for the various traffic laws in Georgia. Many may seem tedious or pointless, but they are in place to keep drivers safe. People may be able to get away with breaking them from time to time, like rolling through a stop sign or running a red light, but these drivers are taking big risks. These risks can turn into needless car accidents and people suffer significant injuries as a result.

Special rules for property owners to keep children safe

Most people who have children in Georgia know that they are curious and can get into many things. They tend to learn by experiences, both good and bad. Until something bad happens to them, many times children do not fully understand the potential dangers and can get badly injured as a result. Parents will not be able prevent all bad things from happening to their children, but they should try to keep an eye on them and try to put in certain safety measures to protect them against dangerous situations.

Georgia trucking company cited for safety violations

There are many trucks on the roads and for the most part, they are driven safely. Being driven safely includes much more than just driving the speed limit and signaling their turns. Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to follow a large number of safety regulations to legally operate. These regulations cover how long truck drivers can drive each day, prohibition against all alcohol use, requirements for safety inspections of the truck each day and many others.

Texting and driving laws in Tennessee

Most people in Tennessee probably have a smart phone at this time. They can allow people to be much more productive by having the ability to communicate in a variety of ways as well as view important documents needed for work. Due to this, many people also feel the need to stay connected at all times and communicate with others at all times. One popular way of doing this is by texting.

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