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Atlanta-area car wreck kills one, injures many

No matter where in the Atlanta area you drive, whether on small surface streets or divided Interstate highways, the danger of a car accident always looms. While defensive driving tactics and using caution behind the wheel may increase your chances of arriving safely at your destination, there are times when accidents are unavoidable. Unfortunately, sometimes those crashes cause terrible injuries and fatalities.

One such incident occurred recently in nearby Gwinnett County. While it is unclear exactly what circumstances led to the accident, the consequences are all too obvious. In the event, a car on Georgia State Route 316 ended up wedged underneath a tractor-trailer. By the time emergency crews arrived, the car was burning, and its occupant was pronounced dead at the scene. Further, eight vehicles total were involved in the wreck in one way or another. This led to nine individuals being transported to area hospitals, where two were in critical condition.

Meanwhile, eight other people were treated for injuries at the accident site and released without hospitalization. One woman who was involved in the crash reportedly had to kick her way out of her car. According to the reports, her vehicle’s door was damaged and would not open until she kicked it as hard as she could. The woman claims that many at the scene of the accident were screaming and that she was frightened.

While it is possible we may never know what exactly caused this particular accident given the number of vehicles involved, which increases the volume of variables in play, it is clear that the results were catastrophic. The danger of driving in the Atlanta area is not to be taken lightly. If one is injured in a car wreck, it may be wise to consider speaking with an experienced Georgia injury attorney to determine what one’s legal rights may be.

Source:¬†Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Victim kicked her way out of car in Gwinnett crash that killed 1, injured 17,” Raisa Habersham, June 12, 2017


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