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Atlanta truck drivers are professionals and treated as such

Imagine a huge tractor-trailer bearing down on you in your rear-view mirror. You look to your left and right, but you are blocked in by other vehicles. Relentlessly, the truck keeps coming, and you realize you are about to be hit by a ton of metal and fuel traveling at a high rate of speed. While this is a hypothetical situation, it is all too real for many Atlanta drivers. Due to the city’s central location and the convergence of a few interstate highways, Atlanta drivers experience a high volume of commercial vehicle traffic.

These tractor-trailers can be very dangerous, even if they are not carrying goods considered hazardous. Due to their size and weight, they have generally reduced handling characteristics, and because of the laws of physics, when they hit something, they can do a catastrophic amount of damage. It is an unfortunate fact that many Georgia drivers have suffered serious injuries after being involved in a tractor-trailer accident with a negligent driver.

Because they are considered ‘professional drivers,’ commercial vehicle operators are generally held to a higher standard of care than your average person on the road. Truck drivers receive training and are governed by numerous state and federal regulations with regard to hours they can work, the routes they can travel and the safety checks they must perform.

When a person is seriously injured due to an accident with a big rig, they, or their family, may be entitled to compensation for the injury. Determining who is at fault, and who may be legally liable, including a trucking company that, say, allowed a driver with a suspended license to work, is not always easy. That’s why those in such a situation may want to consider consulting an experienced Atlanta truck crash attorney. The Atlanta attorneys of Houck ‘ Reynolds, LLC have experience in this area and stand ready to advise truck crash victims.


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