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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Bus accident leaves 18 students injured

Things could have been a lot worse following an accident on Roswell Road in Atlanta when two Ridgeview Middle School buses and another vehicle were reportedly involved in an accident approximately 8:00a.m. on Thursday, March 30. Although 18 children were injured in the accident and were taken to local hospitals for treatment, the buses held a total of 59 children, a majority of whom were left unscathed.

It is believed the accident occurred when a vehicle swiped one bus then swerved into another bus, becoming lodged underneath it. Neither bus driver nor the driver of the other vehicle were injured in the accident.

It is safe to say that although a true tragedy was averted, this accident possibly could have been avoided, if not for a negligent driver. Following the incident, one driver was cited for failing to maintain a lane. It has not yet been determined whether other charges will be filed. Unfortunately, driver negligence is not uncommon and could lead to serious or even deadly results.

Anyone involved in a commercial vehicle accident may be entitled to compensation, depending on various factors regarding the accident. In order to learn more about possible options, an accident victim may want to speak with a lawyer familiar with personal injuries. A strong team can serve as a resource for a victim. Proving negligence can be tricky, however. Although many times the driver is at fault, blame may also be assigned to the bus company or even the manufacturer of the vehicle, which may have been faulty.

Source: WGCL-TV Atlanta, “18 students injured after buses, vehicle collide in Atlanta,” March 30, 2017


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