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Georgia legislators focused on distracted driving

Everyone has a phone. The devices are essential parts of modern life, helping us keep track of our appointments, as well as helping us stay in touch with family and friends with calls, texts and on social media. Something new might soon be added to the long lists of things cellphones can do: earn traffic tickets and fines.

A Georgia legislator has introduced a bill to prohibit driving while talking on a phone. Violators will receive $150 tickets. It should be noted that similar legislation introduced in each of the past two years withered and died in the legislature.

State Rep. Betty Price of Roswell (the town is about a two hour drive south of Atlanta) is pushing for passage of her newly introduced bill. According to WSB TV, state law enforcement officials are on her side, believing that distracted driving is pushing fatal car accident numbers higher and higher in recent years.

Of course, it is already illegal to text while driving in Georgia. The new proposal would extend the prohibition to phones without a hands-free device. The ban would not apply to in-vehicle navigation devices, however.

Price’s proposal has made its way through a House subcommittee and is now enroute to the full House for consideration.

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