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Trucking Accidents

Hazards are everywhere, do not take them for granted

In the past, we have spoken about the serious dangers associated with trucks on the road and their potential dangers. Due to their superior size and weight, a truck accident could result in very serious or catastrophic results. Such was the case earlier this week when on Tuesday evening when a multi-vehicle accident claimed the lives of three people and injured others in Bibb County, Georgia.

The accident began on Interstate 16 when a tractor-trailer initially struck a pickup truck, which subsequently collided with other vehicles. The accident included a total of 8 vehicles. Multiple vehicles then caught fire, including victims who were trapped in the vehicle fires. The driver of the truck was charged with multiple crimes, including three counts of vehicular homicide and a count of reckless driving.

It is still unknown what initially led to the accident, but there are several factors that could have played a role. It is not uncommon for truck drivers who are under pressure and time restraints to push themselves in an effort to reach a deadline or get their cargo to the destination in time. Although there are laws and regulations limiting how much time a driver can spend on the road during any given day or during a workweek, these regulations might be violated, which could lead to a drowsy driver.

Distracted driving is also a serious concern for many Americans throughout the country. While we often attribute distracted driving to younger drivers, any driver could be guilty, including truck drivers. This accident should serve as a painful reminder of the possibility and severity of tractor-trailer accidents. Victims of trucking accidents could be entitled to compensation for their injuries if it can be proven that negligence played a role. Liability may not be limited to the driver; the trucking company could be guilty as well.

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Fri Jul 14, 9:37pm

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