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Highway buckles, seriously injuring motorcyclist

The last thing one would expect while traveling on the highway is to have the road itself buckle in front of you. Unfortunately for a motorcyclist, that exact thing happened on Interstate 20 between Gresham and Candler roads last Monday.

The man was traveling on the highway and hit the damaged road at high speed, causing him to be flung through the air. He was subsequently hospitalized in critical condition following the accident.

The cause of the road damage was believed to be an underground gas leak. A spokesperson for Atlanta Gas Light assured everyone that no natural gas was released, but that the damage was caused while a contractor was working in the area. The damaged section of the road broke into multiple pieces and caused the road to rise nearly as high as a grown person, according to multiple witnesses at the time of the damage.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Transportation tried to assure motorists that this was an extenuating circumstance. This comes on the heels of the dramatic collapse of a bridge on Interstate 85 in March, which affects as many as 250,000 commuters daily.

In such a circumstance, the party responsible for the safe condition of the road may be found to be liable for the injuries to the motorcyclist. He may be entitled to compensation for his injuries including medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering and even lost wages. If you have been injured by a car wreck, you may want to reach out to a firm to see whether you qualify for compensation.

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