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Medical Malpractice


Earlier this week a jury awarded $15.8 million dollars against Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) in a wrongful death action for negligently misreading two pap smear slides that showed evidence of cervical cancer. The award was made to the family of a 37 year-old woman who died of cervical […]

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Mon Apr 28, 8:45pm

In The News

Saving Lives, Saving Costs Act

Earlier last month, United States Representatives Andy Barr of Kentucky and Ami Bera, MD, of California introduced legislation they entitled “Saving Lives, Saving Costs Act.” Supporters of this measure have packaged it as a tool to protect patient safety. In fact, the proposed law is nothing more than a thinly […]

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Mon Apr 7, 7:45pm

Tractor Trailer

Driver Fatigue Causes Catastrophic Injuries

When truckers cause accidents on our roads innocent and unsuspecting people are either killed or seriously hurt.  A major cause of those accidents is preventable driver fatigue.  Every year, literally thousands of people are killed in trucking accidents that are not their fault.  The U.S. Department of Transportation estimated in […]

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Fri Aug 9, 8:43pm

Car Wrecks

What Should I Do After a Wreck?

Maximize Your Car Accident Recovery Car accidents happen every day throughout Atlanta often resulting in catastrophic injuries necessitating expensive medical care. Claims representatives and insurance companies in Georgia know how to handle claims and how to take advantage of injured Atlanta residents who have real need for medical care and […]

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Thu Jul 25, 8:40pm

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