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Car Wrecks

Young family fighting to recover from devastating traffic wreck

A 23-year-old man has become a temporary resident of Atlanta. He is unlikely to enjoy his stay, however, as he struggles with severe injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. He spends his time at the Shepherd Center, working hard toward spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

A few weeks ago, he was driving a work truck in Columbus County, North Carolina, when a car blew through a stop sign and smashed into his truck. The violent collision knocked the truck off of the road, where it overturned and landed in a ditch. 

There he lay, trapped in the truck for more than an hour. After he was finally freed, he was airlifted to a medical center for emergency surgery. A portion of his vertebrae was crushed and removed. Doctors say his paraplegia is permanent.

He has since been moved to Shepherd Center, working to rehabilitate his body while at the same time working to accept the dramatic change the February accident has made in his life and to his young family.

His daughter is just four months old and is brought from North Carolina to visit him and his fiancée (who is by his side here in Atlanta) every few weekends by a family member. The absence of his baby girl is “hurting him more than anything,” his fiancée says.

She says he is fighting hard in rehabilitation and that she has no doubt that he will “get stronger every day. He knows it will be a long road to recovery and is in need of support.”

In these kinds of cases, there is pain aplenty: the physical pain, the pain of separation and the pain of worrying about what a remade future holds for a young man and his family.

A fight for compensation is so often about much more than money; it is about getting the medical care an accident victim needs and helping the victim recover lost income and other financial damage.

A skilled Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you fight for the compensation you need and deserve.


Tue Mar 21, 7:38pm

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