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Helping Injured Bicyclists In Metropolitan Atlanta

As drivers throughout metropolitan Atlanta get more aggressive and impatient, bicycle riders are placed at an ever increasing danger. Unfortunately, when Marietta bicyclists are involved in an accident with cars, trucks, or other vehicles on the road, the result is often a serious and life changing injury to the bicycle rider.

With rising medical bills and the costs of missed work, bicycle injuries and motor vehicle accidents can have devastating effects on riders and their families throughout Georgia. To prevent long-term financial strain and compromise, it is vital to aggressively protect your interests and the interests of your loved ones.

Defending The Rights Of Bicyclists Throughout Georgia

At Houck | Reynolds, LLC we care about the rights of Atlanta bicycle riders, and we understand the serious injuries that can result when bicyclists are hit by metro-Atlanta drivers.

We are riders ourselves, and we have represented numerous bicyclists who have been involved in serious bicycle accidents. We are dedicated to getting these individuals and their families the resources they need to move forward from the accident. Our team has the experience, the resources, and the will to fight for injured bicycle riders.

Rights Of Bicyclists In Georgia

Bicycles have a right to share the road, but other vehicles often fail to recognize and respect that right. We believe the most effective way to change our community standard, and make Atlanta drivers respect and safely operate around bicyclists is to hold people accountable when they hit a bicyclist. While a financial recovery can never put you in the same position you were before an accident, it can help get you the treatment and support you need, and it sends a message to our community that the safety of our bicycle riders is important.

Call For A Free Bicycle Injury Consultation

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a Georgia bicycle accident, call us for a free consultation. Don’t delay in seeking the justice you and your family deserve. Contact Houck | Reynolds, LLC at 770-392-6080.

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